Huginn, Drake Fleet 100mn [Huginn, Drake Fleet 100mn] Damage Control II Power Diagnostic System II ... Tengu, Support - Command [Tengu, Support - Command]. Tengu locks me up and Scrams both my Brutix while undocking his Nightmare! AHA! It was a trap as pretty much expected, but no worries. Madmatt warps in shooting the Tengu in his Navy Brutix, I put my ECM drones onto the Nightmare and Tyr Carter in his Curse went to neut the Nightmare dry while trying to get under his guns. Nov 29, 2018 · Tengu core - augmented graviton reactor. With a shield command mindlink and heat you can rep up to 635hp shield per second for a short amount of time. The shield booster is not the “tank”, your mobility is, so keep moving. Tengu fleet option 1: 6x pithum a-type medium remote shield booster 1x shield command burst II. core x-type 100mn .... GoldyLoke (Perkone) lost their Tengu in P3EN-E (Vale of the Silent). Final Blow by BostonBatch (Keep to the Code) flying in a Gnosis. Total Value: 1,445,341,928.82 ISK. "/> 100mn tengu
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